Look What I Found!!

Entenmann’s Gourmet Cookies


OK…so not everyone will be as excited about this as me…I tend to be a little passionate about my snacky food.  But these are my all time favorite!!  I first saw them a couple of years ago, but in March and they were green shamrocks, with the layer of chocolate on the bottom.  But then, I couldn’t find them one year.  Why do companies do this?  Don’t they know the trauma they are inflicting on their customers?  Days are spent in anticipation as you look forward to going to the store to pick up that one product you have been dreaming about, only to have your dreams crushed as you come to the realization that you will be walking out of the store empty handed…maybe it’s just me.  🙂   Anniehow….then I found a different brand, but the same kind of cookie.  Sweet, buttery sugar cookie with just the right amount of delicious semi-sweet chocolate layered at the bottom, and better yet, they were Christmas cookies!!  So I was able to buy those and get my fill of these delicious treats at the best time of the year.  Except sadly, for the last couple of years, I then couldn’t find that particular brand…oh the pain and loss. (sniff, sniff).

So a couple of days ago, I’m at the store picking up a few things, took a quick scan across the Entenmann’s counter, hmmm, anything good, anything good, and OMG…is it possible?!?!?  YES!! (I think I actually heard angels singing) There they were!!  But there were only two boxes!!  Yep…in the cart they go.  Did my regular shopping yesterday, rushed through all the aisles to get back to that Entenmann’s counter.  Two boxes, again.  The store is obviously toying with me…whatever, so I cleaned them out…all two boxes.

The weird thing is, I did a search on the Internet, even on the Entenmann’s site, and these cookies are no where to be found.  So then I had to check the dates on the boxes, I started thinking maybe these are really old, and someone returned them or something.  No…they are fresh, have no idea why these are not on the Entenmann’s site.  But I have to say, I am enjoying them, daily, with a nice cold glass a milk!!  I have shared…a couple…I may have a problem. 😉