Happy Homemaker Monday 05.29.17

Hello!! It’s Memorial Day.  I find it strange to say Happy Memorial Day when this day was set aside to remember those who died in active military service.  This morning I put our flag back out on the flag pole, right before the 21 gun salute went off and shook the neighborhood.  I do love those 21 gun salutes.  Here they shoot off 21 M80s about 500 feet from my house.  I took advantage of the beautiful weather, and finished a project in the yard.  We had an area with lava rocks in part of the yard, and we cleared out all the rocks and planted grass.  We’ll see how well I can grow grass.  The boys finished school on Friday, so we are looking forward to summer!!

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I’m just going to set this right here.



A few weeks ago, I went to the Bunco event with my sister and nieces.  We had a blast!!  Never played Bunco before, but it raised money for our town’s month long fundraising for Breast Cancer.  This year we are raising money so that one of the hospitals in the area can get a Mobile Mammogram unit.  What a great idea!!  Lots of fun for a good cause.  There were a lot of prizes that they raffled off, one I really wanted was the pink bicycle.  But I didn’t win anything 😦

The weather was a little cool for the Battin’ for Boobies Softball Game, So we only caught the end of the championship game.  The boys and I were also working on school projects, so we just took a break and walked over there.  Plus, they were raffling off another pink bicycle…that I did not win 😦  But it was all for a good cause.

More things are coming up, Super Hero Saturday again, and my friend is hosting an 80s Live Music Event.  That should be fun!!



This 60 year old High School Dance teach, Shirley Clements, performs with her students at a Hip-Hop competition.  #inspiration








3 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday 05.29.17

  1. Hey Sweets!

    Been hit or miss in blogland but catching up a bit today. As always love all of your good stuff – that lion pic is a hoot! 😛

    I think that a 21 gun salute that close might give me a heart attack! I hope the don’t do that too early in the morning. Lol

    Love your video and of course your inspiration too. 😉 Sending you biggest hugs Lovie. xoxo

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