Master Penman…Who Knew?

I came across this fascinating video.  I never knew there was such a thing as a Master Penman, I can imagine the years of study and practice it must take to become one.  Since I love to write, how awesome would it be to have that title, it sounds so prestigious and regal.  Well since there are only 12 Master Penmen in…the…world…I’ll just be happy to get back into lettering, I did take some calligraphy classes when I was younger, so I need a refresher course and lots of practice. I’m looking into finding some nice pens, and watching videos on You Tube, there is something also called Round Lettering I’d like to give a go at.  I’ve been inspired!!

This guy obviously does more than lettering though, simply Beautiful!!

These are only a few of the pictures that can be purchased on his website at

2 thoughts on “Master Penman…Who Knew?

  1. Wow! That dude is Aaahhh-mazing!!! What a truly beautiful art, and it’s inspiring to see it so passionately from someone so young. I think it was promising to hear that he said more young master penmen are coming up in the world. I would hate to see something so special and beautiful be a lost art.
    I love just even writing letters to loved ones in a card I’ve made. I’m all for technology in many ways, but I never want us to lose handwriting all together. I love that you took a calligraphy class and I definitely think you should get back to it Sista!
    Just love this – thanks for sharing Hon. xo

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