Monday’s Muse: Writing Prompt 07/06

Monday’s Muse: Writing Prompt July 6

I am joining in with the super-creative Candice Coates for her Monday’s Muse.  She provides a photo and an opening line on Monday, then posts her results on her blog on Thursday.  Guidelines on how to join in are at the bottom.  (The opening line provided is in bold).  I need a class on how to come up with a good title, it’s usually the last thing I come up with, and unfortunately, I don’t have one for this.   So just dive right in.  🙂


The walls to their borders were strong, but not so much so that they couldn’t break through them.  But no one would dare, because they would have to face the almighty Emperor who governed this land.  This Emperor happens to be my father.  I can’t help but wonder what was he thinking when he built these walls around our beautiful land and home.  He always warned us about the “others from the outside world” and how dangerous it was to fraternize with such common people.  Times were changing, but he could not.  Well he may be able to put up physical walls, but I would not allow walls to go up around my heart or in my mind to keep me from dreaming about what if.  As I sit out near the water atop the furthest tower, I can see the fishermen come inland.  I pretend to read a book, but every so often I catch a glimpse of the one that they call Jacob.  As he works diligently to empty the boats of the daily catch, and collect their reward for such hard work.  They only provide us with the best of what they catch; what is only fit for nobility.  I can’t help but think that one day soon I’ll be eating the delectable food from the sea that has been ensnared by such a beautiful human named Jacob.  My daydreams are filled with what it would be like to live such a normal life, where one does not have to keep up appearances and always do and say the right things…a life with a man such as Jacob.

This was the excerpt that Madison read from the journal she found in the old mansion her father purchased as a summer home.  The first page had the words “Musings of Madeline” penned on the middle of the page.  It was very old, Madison could tell by the loops and flourishes that graced the yellowed parchment paper.  She had never seen such artistry and passion in handwriting before.  It wasn’t only that, it was how the words spoke to her as she read them.  Madeline could have been describing her life.  Granted she didn’t have physical walls built around her.  No. What she did have were the invisible walls that her father constructed around her with his words; constantly reminding her of what her purpose in life was, never taking into account her ambitions.  Just assuming she would follow in his footsteps, taking over the million-dollar corporation he built to pass down to his children.  Always reminding her of what was socially acceptable…how she should dress, where she should go…after all they had an image to uphold.  Pointing out that she needed to marry well, social status and net worth were all that matter, not foolish things like compatibility, desire…or god forbid…love.

As Madison continued to read the journal, how she wished Madeline could see the land today.  The walls were nearly gone, save the few that withstood the wind and waves.  One lone tower was still intact, where she herself spent time reading this journal, and realizing it could quite possibly be the same tower Madeline sat in.  Madison hoped that the journal would reveal to her how Madeline escaped the walls…so that one day, maybe she could too.


Join Monday’s Muse:

• Using the opening line and the picture provided, (Or one of your own choosing) create a story (or even a poem) within 15 to 20 minutes.

• Once you have finished your super awesome masterpiece, add your story’s link in the comments section here, for others to read.

• Also include a link on your page back to this original post for others to follow along and write with as well. In your “tags” section, add the tag “Monday’s Muse.”


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6 thoughts on “Monday’s Muse: Writing Prompt 07/06

  1. 😀 I can’t say it enough, you have such a great talent for weaving words and drawing people in. This would make such a great novella or novel even. I want to know if Madeline got to embrace the seedling of love that was clearly growing toward Jacob. I want to know if the main character will ever get out beyond her father’s walls, and what will be the world she creates. Sigh…so hungry for more more more! Uh so you should totally get to work on this story. Give up sleep if you have too! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Candice!! I love that this exercise does bring up a lot of questions, and is just really the starting point for something bigger. It’s only my second one…but I really would like to get working with something. Giving up sleep wouldn’t be that hard, I’m 47…me and sleep don’t always get along, #insomniac. LOL.

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      • Ahahaha I think the lack of sleep is something that all we creative people have in common. As seeds grow in the dark, so too does our imagination. I am really glad that you are participating. I have already put next week’s challenge in draft form 😀 very excited to see what comes of it!

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    • I think it’s the last two pics you had chosen, that really inspired me. Two of my favorite things…old houses and abandoned places…definitely places where your imagination can run wild. Look forward to Monday!! (Never thought I would ever say that, LOL)

      Liked by 1 person

      • HA! I am glad I could make Monday’s somewhat appealing 😛 Hopefully this picture will give you a creative spark. If not, there is always the image I am considering for the following Monday. We shall just have to see 😉

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