FAB-RUARY DAY 6: Coolest thing you ever saw (and why!)

Snow Art!!



These designs are incredibly cool!! Especially knowing what it takes to make them…plus…it’s snow!! (no pun intended) lol.

You can read the whole story and see more here at the Daily Mail.com

Quick Info:

Created by Simon Beck a 55-year old orienteering map designer, from Bracknell, in Berkshire

Can spend up to 10 hours walking 40 km (that’s about 25 miles for us Americans) 🙂 to create one single design

Plans out his pattern on graph paper and uses a measuring tape, snow shoes and a compass to create it

These can be found in France, where he lives during ski season, in spaces between lodges and mountains at ski resorts.




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6 thoughts on “FAB-RUARY DAY 6: Coolest thing you ever saw (and why!)

  1. Yer man is crackers! He must get really cold ankles….?
    But, you are right, these are very cool! I remember one really snowy winter when I was about 13 getting to the school field first and printing out ‘help’ in really large letters by shuffling my feet in the snow. Good fun, but cold!!

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  2. Wow – just like…WOW! That takes a talent that is beyond my brain. When you need a compass to make the design work – ya I’m out. I can’t imagine what goes into these – mentally and physically. I bet he can afford the calories of lots of good cocoa in the lodges when he’s done. Lol

    This is seriously cool – thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend Carrie-girl! xo

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