FAB-RUARY DAY 5: This makes me smile

This is the pic that my daughter shared with me and thus began our love for Corgis.  Someday we’ll have our own running around.  How can one not smile at this fluffy bit of cuteness?  Just look at ’em!!  It’s the ears…and the little legs…and he’s smiling right back at you!!

Linking up with I Will Bloom for Fab-ruary…A month of blog challenges to help you ‘find the fab’.

4 thoughts on “FAB-RUARY DAY 5: This makes me smile

  1. Oh! That’s *too cute*! I’m going to have to show my daughter when she gets back from nursery! She’s a lover of all things ‘cute’! (We spent a good twenty minutes yesterday looking at videos of cute baby rabbits on youtube!)……have a great weekend! {Thanks for joining in xxxx}

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