Day 12: Winter Wonderland, pics of where you live

Day 12

Linking up for Blogmas 2014…25 Days of Christmas. Because I LOVE Christmastime…still waiting for snow!! 🙂

I live in a small town on Lake Michigan, it is definitely winter here, but not a wonderland yet, that only happens when it snows, so I am going to share some pics of past Winter Wonderlands.  I have always loved snow, and ice skating.  When I was younger my dad would flood our back yard, so that we would have an ice skating rink.  It was some work, but the cold never bothered him.  Once we had a good solid rink, he would go out every couple of nights, and just spray it down with the garden hose to fill in any wholes and make it smooth again.  A Zamboni would have been sooo much easier.  My dad didn’t seem to mind the work because we enjoyed it and had a lot of fun.  As we got older, there were always rinks in the different parks in our town.

sleddingThe one park on the lake has one large hill and we used to go sledding there.  I thought of this picture immediately, it is one of my favorites.  My brother and I went down the hill together, and we some how tipped over.  I always laugh at it, because my brother is completely laid out, like he’s unconscious or something, but I distinctively remember him landing on me first.

I always love a good blizzard.  Just preparing for it, and anticipating it, and knowing that things will slow down for awhile once it hits.  Being that I love snow, and have a snowman collection, one Christmas my kids bought me this snowman, and he has been our winter weather guy ever since, we named him Frostbite.  This was the year we really didn’t have any snow until January, and Frostbite was ready for it.

We also had a little help that year from a couple of Clone Troopers with shoveling snow.  I like to get out there with the kids and shovel snow, especially when it is still lightly falling, and it’s the first snow of the season.  After that, I just consider it my workout for the day, lol.


Last year was a bit ridiculous with the snow, we had 80 inches total for the winter.  The 3rd snowiest winter for our area.  After awhile we were like, yea….another snow storm 😐 (add sarcasm).   But again, Frostbite loved it, and was enjoying his new home.


When it snows and it gets cold, we can easily find ourselves caught up in a winter wonderland here.  This is a pic that my dad had taken some years ago.  This is from the waves crashing against the shore.

winter lake

This is a beautiful sunset over the lake, taken by my daughter.

chicago 7 lake

So yes…I am looking forward to the snow.  I always enjoy a white Christmas, but it isn’t always guaranteed.

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