Chuckle of the day

The other day my oldest son Joshua decided that he was going to start getting up at 6:00 a.m. He was having trouble getting up in the morning to start school at 9:00 a.m. so his solution is to take it to the extreme and get up way before he needs to.  Me, I like to sleep as long as I can, but that’s me.  So he set several clocks to be sure he would get up.  I did inform him to be quiet as to not disturb anyone else.  Well Elijah (8) decided that he was going to join his big brother.  So he got ready for bed and off he went to sleep.  The next morning the clock(s) goes off and they both get up.  While Joshua was in the bathroom, I heard Elijah get up and he knocked on the door and said, “Josh, is it still night time?”  He had never been up that early.  So that was the joke for the day.  Later that day he was having some trouble focusing in school since he was up so early.  So I told Cook what was happening, and Cook said, “Give him a break, you know he just woke up last night.”  We also heard him telling Olivia that him and Josh had so much fun “last night.”  

Well we made it through those first couple of days, and now they get up early every morning with no problem.  We’ll see what happens when we have to set our clocks back!!

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