Scrabble in the Dark

Last night the twins and I decided to play a game of Scrabble. Just when the game was getting good, the lights went out. We had some pretty bad thunderstorms in our area, a lot of wind, rain and lightening. This was the first time in a long time that the storm sirens were going off in downtown Chicago. The Cubs game had to be evacuated. In the suburbs, we were just left in the dark. The little guys were a little scared at first, but once I lit all the candles and found the flashlights, we all sat in the hallway, and made animal shadows on the wall. The little guy was pretending to be a monster, and had so much fun seeing his shadow on the wall. The storms lasted for a good while, I was glad when the power went back on around 9:30. That’s when we finished the Scrabble game. It’s quite challenging playing with the twins, it’s hard playing when your opponent puts down 2 or 3-letter words, but they are getting better. My daughter actually had the highest scored word at 39 points. The word was ZIG. It’s amazing how those little words can add up on those triple word squares. In the end, my son won the game. Like I said, they’re getting better. I think we will play PayDay another day, so that my other little guy can play. He wanted to play Scrabble, thinking because he knows how to spell a couple of words he can play, but he is only seven. Even though it was storming, it was a fun night. It’s nice to slow down, turn off the TV and enjoy some board games.

On another note, I am very happy with the progress of my blog, and appreciate everyone who has checked it out. Keep checking back, I’m going to be updating more frequently. Any suggestions or comments are welcomed.

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