Happy Homemaker Monday 06.20.16

Good Morning!!  Summer has arrived with some hot weather.  Had a fun weekend with the boys at Superhero Saturday, more on that later.  Hope everyone is enjoying the warm sunny days.  Enjoy your week.

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I’m ashamed to call myself a book lover, haven’t read anything in awhile. I did finish the beta read, and it was a lot of fun providing feedback.


Banana Split Ice Box Cake
This looks like such a delicious summer time treat!!

So The Avenger’s for Superhero Saturday were legit. All along our main street, there were various vendors selling things. They set up the Superheros in front of the school. We had to wait in line, to get our picture taken with them. It was a long line. At first I wasn’t sure I wanted to wait in such a long line, I mean, if that was actually RDJ in that Iron Man suit, there would be no question, lol. But it was the main reason we came, it was a nice day, and the boys and I had fun even in the waiting.

Just after we started moving up in the line, the Superheros had to take a break 😐 It was supposed to be a 20 minute break which turned into 35, I was like what the heck, are they on Asgard time or what? So this is the video of them returning from their break. I don’t know who the little girl was, but one very lucky one for sure. That’s Captain America!!

The organizers of the event kept the line moving for pics. So it was pretty quick. The Superheros were very friendly, shook our hands, talked with Benji a little bit as we posed. When they took one look at Elijah, Thor was like, dude, you get in back with the Superheros.

There was another section that had Bumble Bee. This guy was there last year. The car is awesome!! There was a section where you could play bags, which also looked like Bumble Bee.

There were rock climbing walls, and bouncy houses, and then a whole section of vendors selling comic books and action figures, which is where they boys really wanted to go. Also a couple of boulders along the way, that the boys so graciously moved out of the way for me. Everyone is a Superhero on Superhero Saturday.


4 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday 06.20.16

  1. Happy new week to you dear Friend! 😉

    Oh that super hero time looked like great fun!! And hey – if RDJ had been in that suit – I would have been there, no matter how long the line. 😛

    I always love your funny – so cute.
    And that dessert looks WAY too good!! What a perfect summer treat, except I’d throw in some strawberries too to make it really banana split-like to me. Lol

    Blessings my Carrie-girl! xoxo

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