Happy Homemaker Monday 08/03

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Happy Monday!!  Had a good weekend, it was extremely hot out here.  Took the boys to a Back to School event on the Lakefront…see below for more on that.  The dragonflies out there were crazy, I felt like I was in a creepy movie.  I’ve seen more than usual around the house as well.  I Googled it and it seems to be a thing along Lake Michigan due to the weather, heavy rain, migration and wind patterns.  Whatever it is…it’s creepy to me. Anniehow…on with my post.


A beautiful week ahead!!


I haven’t started reading this one yet, I just got it, it’s called First and Goal – What football taught me about never giving up by Jake Byrne.  It’s a devotional book that has a devotional to go along with the terms used in football.  Jake Byrne was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 14, but went on to play football in high school, college and the NFL.  Looks like a very encouraging book for anyone to read but especially the young people.

ON THE MENU (so far):
Chicken Parmigiana, Salad, Fettuccine Noodles, Toasted Bread
Dorito Casserole
Spaghetti and Meatballs, Garlic Toast

There are quite a few I would like to try, I keep adding them to my recipe folder, I just need to get at them.  Recently I have found recipes for S’mores Dip, Peanut Butter Cup Cookies (which are gluten free too) and Deep Fried Lasagna Rolls.  You see I always lean towards the snacky food, LOL.  But the Fried Lasagna Rolls look delicious, I’ll let you know when I try them.

There’s a Murder Mystery program at the library, where you try to figure out the murder by going from place to place in the library asking questions to the different characters.  I’ve never been to one, sounds like fun though.

Sidewalk Chalk drawing contest for the boys, they each participated in one at the library already, and my 14-year old won 1st place and my youngest won 2nd place for their age groups.

Oh yeah…and school.  I have a 5th grader and a freshmen this year to home school.  Been there, done that and have two amazing young adults to show for it!! 🙂 (My twins will be 20 next month!!)

Here are are a couple of photos from the event we went to over the weekend on the Lakefront.  It was a Back to School Mascot Extravaganza.  Our city is planning on having a Mascot Museum built here in 2017, so the Mascots come out for a lot of our events.  There were several NBA mascots as well as Tommy Hawk (Chicago Blackhawks) with a fake Stanley cup, Clark the Cub (Chicago Cubs) and Bennie the Bull (Chicago Bulls) who also did some tricks with the Acrodunk team.

This is the Acrodunk Extreme Dunking Team that performed.  It was hotter than blue blazes out there, but this was a lot of fun to see these guys perform.  Check out their web site acrodunk.com  I had video, but couldn’t upload it 😐



4 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday 08/03

  1. We’ve had crazy dragon fly action too! At least I feel better knowing there’s a real reason for it all. 😉
    You always find the most fun things to do! That library mystery sounds so cool. And the slam dunk guys looks like it was incredible to watch!!
    Your new recipes sound SO good!! Keep us posted for sure!!!
    Love your inspiration – all too true. Blessings on a beautiful week my Girl. xoxo

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  2. What a great quote! The event looks really fun. I think one of my kids has actually shown me You-tube footage of that kind of stuff…wonder if it was the same company. Can’t wait to hear about the deep fried lasagna rolls. Have a great week!

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